How Mosquito Killers Work?-------Coospider Beauty

The working principle of the mosquito lamp is designed according to the phototaxis of mosquitoes and the induction of heat sources. After the lamp is turned on, it will attract mosquitoes and cause them to die by electric shock. The use of high-efficiency mosquito traps will effectively attract harmful flying insects such as mosquitoes Instantly kill flying insects through electrostatic shock.

The mosquito killer is a mosquito killer that does not require any chemical mosquito killer. It is a new generation of high-efficiency and environmentally friendly mosquito-killing device that absorbs foreign advanced technology and then performs multiple technical improvements. An environment-friendly and pollution-free high-efficiency killing tool developed by using habit of mosquito light, moving with airflow, sensitive to temperature, and happy to gather, especially chasing carbon dioxide and finding sex pheromones. The mosquito killer lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small size, and low power consumption. Because it does not require any chemical mosquito-killing material when it is used, it is a relatively environmentally friendly mosquito-killing method.

Note: When the mosquito killer is in use, light the mosquito killer tube. At this time, it is better to have no other light source in the room, otherwise it will affect the mosquito killer effect. When unplugging the power plug, it is not appropriate for human hands to touch the wire of the power grid immediately. Because the electric charge in the circuit has not been discharged, it may cause electric shock (preferably wait for 2 minutes before touching). Keep mosquito killers out of the reach of child.


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