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      Now, selfies have become a popular trend and enjoy sharing their selfies on various social networking sites.However, because of various factors such as light, environment and so on, the photos we take are not ideal. But if you have a ring light, you can easily solve these problems.Its soft and uniform light will make your eyes more brilliant and you will look perfect.If you like to take full-body photographs in various positions, you can choose a led ring light with an Tripod Stand.Such as Coospider beauty 10" Selfie LED Black Ring Light with Tripod Stand.
     8 inch selfie LED ring light with tripod stand can adjust height and brightness freely,you can adjust it to find the perfect illumination and highlight the beauty of the subject you are photographing or filming, be it someone else or yourself.
     The ring light kit includes a 8 inch LED ring light and an adjustable Selfie stick , a tripod stand  and a phone clip with Flexible Gooseneck.
     The light kit is suitable both for outdoor and indoor photography and video recording. It is excellent for live Vlogging, fashion, advertisement, portrait, wedding and other photography and video shooting.
     Ring light can emit even light, shine on the face without shadows, so that your face more three-dimensional. It's also suitable for your makeup or video shooting. When you shoot or make up, you just need to put it in the right place and adjust it.
     We have selected several suitable ring lamps for different needs, which are lighter and suitable for carrying in backpacks. So, you can choose one that suits you, and then you will find that the photos or videos you take are very beautiful.

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