How to keep pets warm in winter?

How to provide pets with a livable environment that continuously provides heat sources in winter? And for people who keep pets indoors, how to get enough sunshine for their pets is also a problem. The reptile heating lamp is a product that simulates sunlight, which can easily solve these problems.


How to choose the most suitable reptile heating lamp?

There are many different types of reptile heating lamps on the market. Some of these are emitting bright visible light, so it cannot continue to provide heating when the reptiles need to rest, the bright light will affect their sleep.

In response to this phenomenon, one of the advantages of our reptile heating lamps is that it uses infrared rays to emit heat, therefore, our lamps do not emit visible light.

Even if your pet needs sleep, it can also enjoy the uninterrupted heat source brought by the reptile heating lamps. It will not disturb the normal biological clock of pets, and create a more comfortable living environment for them.


In addition, the heating speed of our product is fast and stable, the heat is even, and the constant temperature heating is continued for 24 hours.



  • In order to meet the needs of different angles, the neck can rotate arbitrarily and the depth can also be adjusted.
  • A heat dissipation hole behind the lamp holder.
  • Equipped with a strong non-slip clip, which can firmly fix the lamp on the wall of the terrarium.



Safe To Use

The bulb shell is made of high-purity pottery clay, which is made into a high-strength ceramic shell. It is waterproof and explosion-proof, but it cannot be immersed or exposed to water for a long time.



  • Please remember do not touch the surface directly with your hands when it is working.
  • After turning it off, touch it until it is completely cooled to avoid burns.

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