Why is my fish tank always full of green? -Physical Control

The physical control method is an effective treatment of algae using simple tools and various physical factors.

If you want to achieve the best algae removal effect, the first thing is to remove the algae manually and with the use of drugs. Finally with reasonable tools fish, shrimp and snails to assist in the removal of residual algae.

The following are common tools for physical control of green algae:

Algae scraper

Algae scraper is a professional tool to scrape off the algae attached to the glass surface; it consists of a handle, blade and knife holder. Algae scraper is easy to use, but it can't remove algae from the corners of the tank and the hard landscape. (Can be used with toothbrush)

Tank Brush

Tank brush consists of cleaning net, magnet and handle, fully using the principle of magnet's opposites attracting each other, a tool that can clean the inside and outside of the tank at the same time.


Toothbrush is very effective for cleaning algae in aquarium crevices and algae on the surface of hard landscapes, especially for dealing with algae in the dead corner of aquarium glass intersection. And it is also twice as effective in cleaning the difficult filamentous algae, more importantly, this tool is readily available.

Germicidal lamp

The aquarium germicidal lamp is a device that consists of a germicidal UV lamp and a special quartz housing.

The device is placed at the outlet end of the water circulation equipment. As water flows from one end to the other, the flowing water is disinfected by invisible UVC light. The effectiveness of disinfection is related to the length of time the water is exposed to the UVC light and the strength of the UVC light.

This device uses the principle that UV light can destroy the replication and reproduction of DNA.  When bacteria, viruses and algae in the water are irradiated by a certain dose of UVC, the DNA and RNA structure of their cells are destroyed and the cells are unable to regenerate, thus achieving disinfection and purification of the water body.

Aquarium germicidal lamp on the algae spore inactivation effect is very significant, and can effectively kill harmful germs in the aquarium, the ornamental fish bacterial infection also has a significant effect.

This mini germicidal lamp is recommended and can be used in different sizes of fish tank filters.
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