T8 10W UV Replacement Bulb Tube for 20W Bug Zappers Fly and Mosquito Kill Trap( 2-pack)


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  •  * 2 Pakc = 2 pieces of 10W UV/BL replacement Bulbs = 20W ( before make the order, please measure and confirm the bulb size is fit )

    *Size: Tube Diameter 1 inch (2.54cm); Full length (include pins): 13.6 inch (34.5cm); Base: G13, 4-pin Double-ended

    * UV UVA Ultra-Voilet Black Light
    The light tube emit full of a kind of Wavelength light to Temptation fly and no harm to people health
    And the Coospider Light Tube is Professional Fluorescent Light Tube Factory, the LightTube is Full of the fly-attracting Light. more Powerful Replace CFL Tube.

    * Features: It is installed on a special mosquito killing device, so that annoying mosquitoes can be eliminated without using any chemical agent. The principle is that the lamp emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365nm after the lamp is lit. Moths, Mosquito.etc., then killed them by corresponding high-voltage electrical devices. Scientific, practical and environmentally friendly. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, families, inns and other places.

    * adapt to 20w Electric Zapper of pst soldier / Liba / Yongtong / Eliminator/ TaoTronics/ PstZilla/ PstiTech/ hoont/ Seicosy/ Iselector/ LumaPst/ Aspectek / TenQSmart TS-1 etc.

    * 【 Warm Tips 】When replace the bulbs: Pay Attention to the machine remaining-high-voltage-electric shock, use a screwdriver or scissors to touch the grid to discharg at first.

    【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】 Committed to providing the best service, if have any problem, please contact our service mailbox on the package, we will solve and reply in 24 hours.

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