4W UV BL Bug Zapper Electric Insect Fly Killer Mosquito Trap replace Light Bulb tube T5 G5 Double Ended Base (2-Pack )


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2 Pakc = 2 pieces of 4W UV/BL replacement Bulbs

* Features: It is installed on a special mosquito killing device, so that annoying mosquitoes can be eliminated without using any chemical agent. The principle is that the lamp emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365nm after the lamp is lit. Moths, Mosquito.etc., then killed them by corresponding high-voltage electrical devices. Scientific, practical and environmentally friendly. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, families, inns and other places.

* CFL Fluorescent Light linear bulb Emitting Fly-attracting Ultraviolet Light and no harm to people health

* (note only tubes are supplied not the actual insect killer)


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