Mastor Permanent Makeup Digital Rotary Eyebrow Machine Kit(upgrade)

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Package Include:
1 x Permanent makeup tattoo rotary machine
1 x LCD power supply system
Tattoo permanent makeup needles(15*1RL)

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mastor kit


Instructions of Mastor PMU Machine

Swiss multi-function decoration machine is a set of tattoo and eyebrow tattoo Nouveau Contour , aluminum alloy fuselage, the exquisite outward appearance, the use of rotary technology will transfer out the length of the needle, match make fashionable one-time side body acupuncture, health and convenient; The needle smoothes,any learner can learn to how to use needle about tattoo and eyebrow tattoo in a minute.

Characteristics and Advantages
Use the original Swiss Rotary motor,not burning with long time operation
Using the flexible PVC connecting wire,it's light to use
The elegant appearance and curve, it's comfortable to operate
Rotary expansion technology, can transfer out the length of the needle arbitrarily
The use of voltage:100-240 v, suitable for global voltage to use
Output voltage:0-12 v, strength is suitable for eyebrow tattoo and tattoo
Use disposable needle,can do tattoo and eyebrow tattoo at the same time.

Structure of Mator pmu Machine
Tattoo And Eyebrow Tattoo Multifunctional Machine
3.5MM Machine plug
Built-in Swiss import motor
Interface that can transfer the length of needle
Interface that can rotate the purl
New needle
Fixed to adjust screw

Advantages of Mastor Machine
Easy to operate,coloring fast, do not fade
Easy to learn
No human infections
No cross using
The appearance is elegant
Can adjust the speed of using
Can transfer out the length of the needle arbitrarily

Characteristics of Mator pmu Machine
24 hours' zero wear-resisting, strength is strong and stability
Any speed can adjust, control the length arbitrarily
Can tattoo and eyebrow tattoo, or minimally invasive plastic

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