SunSun JUP-02 5W UV Light Sterilizer Submersible Filtered Oxygen Pump for Fish Tank, Pond, Aquarium


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Item Model Number: JUP-02

5 Watt UV light
Suitable for tanks up to 20-gallons
Dimension: 10" L X 3" W X 2.75" H
Flow rate: 132 gallon per hour

Super powerful, propeller design
Aeration hose: oxygen can be added by adding an aeration hose
Powerful suction cup: the pump body can be firmly fixed on the tank wall
Durable: UV germicidal deodorizing lamp part made of quartz glass tube (quartz)
Energy-saving and noise-free: With the air pump as the driving force, there is no power unit itself, and there is no noise during operation.

Easy to install and maintain, high performance and low energy consumption.

This amazing SunSun JUP-02 diving UV sterilizer provides simple and effective UV control of harmful microorganisms and free-floating algae: The UV filter is designed to be fully immersed in fresh water and salt water, with a built-in high-efficiency UVC germicidal lamp. Water is supplied to the water, which allows it to pass through the UV cavity, so that UV radiation will purify the water. Powerful water purification. The UV filter can efficiently kill bacteria by reducing the number of free swimming algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi and the smaller life cycle of protozoa.  Easily maintain water quality transparent and translucent, providing a safe water quality environment for fish aquariums.

The propeller is designed for underwater use only. Avoid running the pump in the air. Put the pump in water before connecting the power supply. Running the machine without water inside the machine causes a lot of noise, which can damage the propeller
Disconnect power when changing water.

【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】 Committed to providing the best service, if have any problem, please contact our service mailbox on the package, we will solve and reply in 24 hours.

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