UV Germicidal Light UVC & Ozone Bulb with Clip Lamp Base/Mechanical Timer / E26 25w 110v


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Coospider UVC Bulb with ozone /Mechanical Timer Kit

Watt: 25W
Voltage: 110V
Wavelength: 254nm bulb (no ozone/with ozone)
Size:25W UVC Kit / Mechanical Timer

Kill Dust Mites/ Remove Musty /Eliminate Virus Flu Bacteria, Bacterium, Fungus, Germ, Mold Etc.

【 Warm Tips 】 When this bulb lit, will immediately have a special smell, it means it worked, this special smell comes from burnt harmful smalls by the UVC ray, just like in the summer sun.

1. All-Purpose UVC lamp: can use for bedroom, quilt, pillow, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, etc.
2. clean: dirty is the chief culprit in causing discomfort to the human body, it is very necessary to use this UVC bulb twice a week .

How to use:
√ for Goods surface: ( 5 minutes once ). put goods within 4 ft of the light
√ for Small space: ( 5 minutes once ). less than 50sq.ft.
√ Small room: ( 15 minutes once ). less than 200sq.ft.
√ Larger room: ( 15-60 minutes once ). less than 400sq.ft, refer to the table in picture

【24 hours plug-in Mechanical timer 】Just set once and it can automatically work at the same time every day. Ideal for office, store, warehouse use, set it to work during off hours and have a fresh environment every morning. ( WARM WARNING: When this lamp work, eyes and skin can't exposed to the UVC light !!! must leave room, turn off the bulb before approaching it.)

【 Clip lamp base with 5 ft cable 】More convenient to use, can be clipped on the shelf or cabinet, the installation is higher, the fewer obstacles, the better the effect.

【UVC with Ozone】 185nm wavelength UV-C light, ozone has a more powerful function than UVC, can move to everywhere, especially good at remove bad smell.
【What is Ozone ?】 Ozone itself has a unbearable smell, but it has a half-life of half an hour, so after turn off this lamp, must keep room ventilated, or wait a long time (6-12hours), until can't fell the smell of ozone, then can enter the room.

(Ozone has a half-life of half an hour. Under normal circumstances, it will decomposes itself into oxygen within 30-90 minutes,
but its decomposition rate is also affected by ventilation and temperature. The enclosed environment, the lower the temperature,
the slower the decomposition speed. If it is in a completely enclosed room or at low temperatures, it may take several hours to fully decompose.)

Warning notice:
1. Because the UV-C ray will hurt eyes and skin, so please don’t look at the working bulb.
2. People/pet/plant can’t be exposed to the UVC light, must left room when lamp work.
3. After turn off UVC & Ozone bulb, must keep room ventilating or waiting 30-90 minutes until feel no ozone’s smell then can enter.The Warning when use this bulb:

【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】 Committed to providing the best service, if have any problem, please contact our service mailbox on the package, we will solve and reply in 24 hours.

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