UV Germicidal Light UVC with Ozone Bulb Timer Lamp Base 5/15/30/60 Minutes E26 25W 110V Covers up to 400sq ft.


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Coospider UVC & Ozone Bulb

Watt: 25W
Voltage: 110V
Wavelength: 185nm bulb


1. ozone is especially good at this point, it can easily decompose the substances that cause displeasure, and revert them to water and oxygen.
2. All-Purpose UVC lamp: can use for bedroom, quilt, pillow, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, etc.
3. clean: dirty is the chief culprit in causing discomfort to the human body, it is very necessary to use this UVC bulb twice a week .

Tips: Ozone is a special gas, It has very powerful features, but smells bad, and it has a half-life ( half an hour). Under normal circumstances, just need wait 1-3 hours, it will completely disappear and can no longer be smelled.
( But the rate of disappearance of ozone is also related to temperature and ventilation. The higher the temperature, the better the ventilation, the faster the ozone disappears.
So it is recommended to open the door and window after turn off the bulb to speed up the disappearance of ozone..) .

How to use:

√ Goods surface: ( 5 minutes once ). put goods within 4 ft of the light, such as cups, bottles, toothbrushes, shaver, cell phones, keyboards, clothes...
√ Small space: ( 5 minutes once ). ≤ 50 sq.ft. as shoe cabinet, drawer, toy box, wardrobe.
√ Small room: (15 minutes once ). ≤ 200 sq.ft. such as closet, dog/chicken house, toilet, storage room.
√ Larger room: (15-60 minutes once ). ≤ 400 sq.ft. kitchen, living room, bedroom...

The Warning when use this bulb:

☞. Don’t look at the working bulb.
☞. People/pet/plant can’t be exposed to the UVC light, must left room when lamp work.
☞. after turn off light, keep room ventilating or waiting 30-90 minutes until feel no ozone’s smell then can enter.

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