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UVC Wand Waterproof/Timer Control /7w Ultraviolet 110v, for Remove Musty (Ozone-free)

UVC Wand Waterproof/Timer Control /7w Ultraviolet 110v, for Remove Musty (Ozone-free)

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  • Coospider UV Wand

    Size:Sunny smell
    Power: AC 110volt 60 Hz Input, 12-24volt output.
    4.7 feet cable (145cm)
    one button timer switch, (indicator light) Blue 5-minute Green 20 min Red 60 min.

    【 253.7nm wavelength 】 such as 30 times of the sun shine, no ozone smell.
    【 3 Timer Mode】 5 / 20 / 60 minutes for different needs, automatically turn off.
    【 Completely Waterproof 】 Support for use in wet environments, 6 ft. cord with plug, include Hanging Assembly, convenient to use.

    How to set the timer:
    step 1: after plug in, press the on/off switch several times to choose the timer mode, stop at the want time.
    blue - 5 minutes; green - 20 minutes; red - 60 minutes.
    step 2: wait 5 seconds, the wand will start work, and stop when the timer end.

    The Warning when use this wand:
    1. Because the UV-C light will hurt eyes/skin, please don’t look at the working lamp.
    2. People/pet/plant can’t be direct exposed to the UVC light.
    3. After use this lamp, Ozone needs to wait 30-60 minutes, then it will decompose into oxygen.

    Warm Tip :Due to the long transportion, after receiving the parcel, please check carefully whether the bulb is intact, if broken or have any crack mark, please contact us, we will send new replacement parcel within 24 hours.

    【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】Committed to providing the best service, if you have any question, please contact Customer Support, we will reply within 24 hours(excluding Sunday and holiday).
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