What Is Ozone?

What is ozone?

At the normal temperature, ozone is a light blue gas with a special odor.
It has very powerful sterilization and deodorization, can kill bacterial, germ, mold, dust mites and other harmful microorganism also can remove bad odor, such like cooking odors, musty, smoky, urine, dirty sock syndrome, etc.

How does this bulb produce ozone?

This bulb will emits a kind of 185nm wavelength UV-C light, which will ionize air to
produces ozone, the larger the area illuminated by the bulb, the more ozone is produced.

Can people stay in room when the bulb work ?

No. People/pet must leave room when the bulb work, because the underable smell of ozone will cause uncomfortable to the respiratory tract of the human body, In addition, the strong UV-C light also will hurt people's eyes and skin if not leave.

Will ozone disappear after turning off the bulb?

Of course, in general, ozone has a half-life (half of an hour), just need wait 30-90 minutes, it will decompose itself into oxygen and can't smell anymore. But its decomposition rate is also affected by room temperature and ventilation. If it is at a low temperature, it may take longer to wait, such as 1-3 hours. It would be better for you to enter the room until the ozone can not be smelt.

How does ozone break down?

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