UV Light Safety

Before using the UV lights to kill bacteria or viruses, it's important to understand how UV light work. UV light is a form of light, which is more energetic than visible light. It can be found everywhere in nature. Step outside into the sun, you will immediately get exposed to a small amount of UV light. Stay in the sun for longer, you will develop a tan, even longer, you will end up with sunburn. As UV light actually causes physical damages to living cells.

So, when the UV lamp is working, please leave away, including pets and plants. Or use some devices to protect yourself, such as UV protective glasses. Never be exposed to the UV light, which is harmful to your eyes and skin.

Besides, most of our products including mercury, what should we do when a bulb breaks? Here is the link as below for your reference, and you will find all the official answers on this website. Such as, Which bulbs contain mercury? Why is it important to clean up a broken CFL properly? Actions you can take to prevent broken CFLs, etc.



Our items also approved by EPA, the EPA EST NO.: 96998-CHN-1

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