Quartz UVC 110V 25W E26/E27 Germicidal CFL Lamp Bulb with Ozone,for Kill Dust Mites


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* Brand Name: coospider

* Average Life (hrs): 8000 Certification: CCC
Features: Compact Fluoresent Light UVC (with Ozone)
ozone Quartz lamp
Voltage: 110V
Wattage: 25W
Rectifier include: compact UV Light Rectifier include, Easy to use

* Ozone sterilization: 185nm uvc change the Oxygen into Ozone
Compact bulb easy use: any E26 E27 base holder can apply for
Eliminate mites kill mites: Eliminate dog mites Deodorant
Package include: Only lamp,Without holder

* Function:
1. Kill dust mites for mattress, bed, sofa, blanket, pillow, clothes, towel
2. Kill bacteria, viruses, germ: such as mould, flu, virus, fungus, canine parvovirus, E.coli, etc.
3. Clean air: Remove the bad odors which in trash can, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, warehouse, etc.

* WARM: Skin, Eyes, Pets Avoid Direct UV Ray Quartz lamp for disinfection

【 Warm Tips 】 When this bulb lit, will immediately have a special smell, it means it worked, this special smell comes from burnt harmful smalls by the UVC ray, just like in the summer sun.

* How To Use:
- Goods Surface Sterilization: 5 minutes.
(put goods within 1 meter of the light, such as Cups, bottles, toothbrushes, Shaver, cell phone, keyboards, clothes...)
- Small space disinfection: 5 minutes
(Less than 4㎡, such as Shoe cabinet, toy box, wardrobe, dressing room, storage room...)
- Room disinfection: 15-60 minutes
(such as Kitchen, bedroom, drawing room...)

* - Under the same wattage, the lamp with ozone has a more powerful bactericidal function. and Ozone is especially good at removing odor.
- The ozone has a pungent taste, causing discomfort to the respiratory system, people can't stay in very strong ozone. So after use of the ozone lamps indoor, as soon as possible to open the door and windows ventilation, untill have no ozone's smell then enter.

If you need the same 220v bulb, please leave us a message and we can send to you the 220v bulb,
If you do not leave a message for us, we will send 220v bulbs according to the corresponding country

【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】 Committed to providing the best service, if have any problem, please contact our service mailbox on the package, we will solve and reply in 24 hours.

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