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Aquarium Clean Light Submersible Waterproof Lamp Water Clean Green Algae Clear for Fish Tank Pond 11W (HUV-11)

Aquarium Clean Light Submersible Waterproof Lamp Water Clean Green Algae Clear for Fish Tank Pond 11W (HUV-11)

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Takes about 10-15 business days from China to the US.

  • 【 Warm Tip 】Due to the long transportion, after receiving the parcel, please check carefully whether the bulb is intact, if broken or have any crack mark, please contact our service mailbox on the package, we will send new replacement parcel in 24 hours.
  • 【 Fast Clean 】254nm wavelength light help to remove the green in the fish tank, pond, make it clear. 175cm long cable, on/off switch, includes 2 suction feet
  • 【 Lamp Size 】 110Voltage 11W: 10.24 inch * 0.79 inch, suitable for Max 3000L fish tank/pond, use 1-2 hours a day, it is better to adjust the use time according actual situation of water
  • 【 WARNING 】 Light Will Kill Fish if don't separate the fish from the lights! Recommended to use this lamp in aquarium filter system
  • 【 Warranty Promise 】 1 year warranty, 3 month free return, any problem please contact the service mailbox on the package, we will solve and reply in 24 hours.

The warning when use this UVC lamp :


  1. Please don’t look at the working UVC lamp, ensure that the eyes and skin are not exposed to the UV-C rays.
  2. Don't put this UVC light into the fish living area directly !!!!! otherwise the UV-C light will kill the fish !!!!!
  3. Keep this lamp out of reach of children.


  • How long should run it on a daily basis?

In most cases, it is enough to open it for 1-2 hours a day, but the most important thing is depend on the water quality in the aquarium.

If is the first time to use this UVC lamp, and the water in the tank has green algae, or looks very turbid, you can open it continuously for 24-48 hours in the first time, until the water in the tank becomes clear, and then use it (once 1-2 hours) every day or every other day, to maintain the good condition of the water.

Of course, different fish tanks have different conditions, such as each fish tank have different types of fish, different numbers, different fish food to eat every day, if fish eat more, it pulls out more manure, then need use this lamp more long time.

Although 1-2 hours a day can be applied for most fish tanks, but the best way is customer to decide how long use this lamp per day according to the water quality of the fish tank. You also can try many times, such as open it for 1 hour every day, if the water can maintain clear state, then don't need to open it 2 hours.

  • How to use this UV lamp?

- Where should I install it?

It is best to install this UV light in the filter system of the fish tank or pond. It can't be put directly into the fish living area, otherwise the UV-C rays will kill the fish.

It is recommended to use it in these places:


  1. in filter box/tank.
  2. At the inlet of fish tank/pond
  3. The separate space in the aquarium/pond is separated from the fish life area by an opaque baffle.
- Can I put it in the filter in other location??

Yes, just make sure that the fish is not directly exposed to its light, and have the continuous flow of water passes through it, then the water will purified by it.

 How to clean up a broken bulb  -




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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Walter Phillips
Aquarium light 11 watt

Works very well. This is our second one.

Ken Martin
Clean as a whistle

I have several reservoirs that supply water to humidifiers. The water was developing a slimy substance on the surface of the pump, hoses, and cords. I added the uv light to each reservoir... in a few days the slimy substance was gone! No chemicals!

Tabitha Cowdery

I think that I should have ordered a higher watt light

Mathew Huskey
Works in ice machines too.

I purchased this for a company ice machine that was having outbreaks of mold/algae. Works great for more than just fish tanks.

Charles Small

The light did a great job water is clear