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UVC Ozone-free Sanitizer Bag for Cleaner Disinfection Germicidal W/Quartz UVC Light 5/15/30 Mins Timer & USB 5V DC Input CTUV-T2

UVC Ozone-free Sanitizer Bag for Cleaner Disinfection Germicidal W/Quartz UVC Light 5/15/30 Mins Timer & USB 5V DC Input CTUV-T2

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In stock(China) Takes about 7-9 business days(UPS or FedEx).

1. Passed by FDA and EPA.

(EPA EST NO.: 96998-CHN-1, FDA Registration Number:3016787234)

2. Sterilization Rate 99.9%,  click here to find the test report.

[Human body safe voltage] USB 5V DC input

[Portable] Can be used with mobile power, mobile phone charger, computer.

[Pure and powerful UVC light] 7-inch quartz mercury lamp, 253.7nm uvc without ozone wavelength
[Large Size] 11 × 8 × 9 inches (28x20x23cm)
[Timer e.g.] 5 minutes, automatic shut off
Color: BLUE
The package including:
1 x COOSPIDER UVC Germicidal Bag(with 4W lamp ozone-free)
1 x 304 stainless steel grid

Power: DC USB 5 voltage 4 W input
(Power supply bracket: mobile power, mobile phone charger, computer, car USB socket, etc.)

Cord length: 108 cm (3.6ft)

5/15/30 minutes Timer: 5/15/30 minutes automatic shutdown
(On / off twice to switch or stop from mobile power)

Maintenance: clean with steam or wipes, iron with hairdryer (if needed)
How to use UVC bags:
1. Put the object in the goods box
2. Close the tote
3. Connect USB to the power and turn on the switch

The Warning when use this product:
1. Because the UV-C light will hurt eyes/skin, please don’t look at the working lamp.
2. People/pet/plant can’t be direct exposed to the UVC light.

【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】Committed to providing the best service, if you have any question, please contact Customer Support, we will reply within 24 hours(excluding Sunday and holiday).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Samuel Cheng


Douglas Wong
Portable sanitizer bag

Light weight bag that can sanitize small items like mask and cell phone within 15 minutes is very functional for my needs.

Mercedes Roberts
Great tote bag

Helpful during this pandemic. Gives you peace of mind to clean your PPE at work.

Jennifer Housos
very convenient

It's very convenient. I use it everyday after rounding on patients to help clean my respirator, nametag an other items.

Heather McIver
excellent customer service

I wanted a UV bag to disinfect small items at work. Due to the pandemic, it was going to take 2 months to get one from Amazon, so I purchased this from the Coospider website directly. The customer service was phenomenal! At first they were going to give me expedited shipping from overseas for free, but they ended up finding one in a US warehouse and I got the bag in 2 days. I really like it. The UV light appears well made (not just a bunch of tiny lights) and the on switch includes 3 different time options (5/15/30 min). It is attractive and highly portable--when not in use it can fold flat. I like the grill base included which holds items off the floor of the bag, so the UV light is reflected to all sides of your objects. The power cord has an indicator light which shows when it's working, and you can see just a faint illumination behind the logo on the front of the bag when the light is on.