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COOSPIDER UV with Ozone Germicidal Light Remote Control Timer 15/30/60 minutes 120V 36W Table Lamp for Remove Musty (CTUV-36)

COOSPIDER UV with Ozone Germicidal Light Remote Control Timer 15/30/60 minutes 120V 36W Table Lamp for Remove Musty (CTUV-36)

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Takes about 10-15 business days from China to the US.

【 Passed by EPA】EPA EST NO. : 96998-CHN-1

【Strong UV intensity】1329 μW/cm2 at the distance of 10inch, as shown on the picture.

【UVC with Ozone】 Wavelenth is 185nm. Has a very powerful function, can decomposes the harmful smells, used for the disinfection of bed, sofa, carpet, basement, storage room, etc. no longer feel inexplicably itchy.

【What is Ozone ?】 Ozone is a special gas, itself has a unbearable smell, and its decomposition speed mainly depends on the ventilation of the room. so after turn off this lamp, must keep room ventilated, until can't feel the smell of ozone, then can enter the room.

【 200 ft Remote Timer Control 】 15/ 30/ 60minutes Timer modes suit for different needs. Wide range Powerful Remote Control, which received the signal from the behind wall, no longer need to wait, when timer ends automatically turn off.

【 More convenient! including a removable base 】 with 5ft Cord and Plug, can be placed anywhere.

【FCC Certified & UL Test Report】Please contact Customer Service for more details.

【 99.99% sterilization rate


【 Amazing 600 sq. ft. Coverage】Larger use area, suitable for more places, more powerful and work better.



Item Packing Dimensions 11.7 x 7.8 x 4 inches (LxWxH)

Package including:

  1. 36W UVC&Ozone bulb *1
  2. Sturdy lamp base with 5 ft cord *1
  3. Remote controller *1
  4. UV protective glasses *1   


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Works great..

Tom M.
Recovered from Pneumonia with ozone lamp

I placed the ozone lamp in an unoccupied room with a fan behind it and directed the ozonated air into the hallway. Then my Mother quickly recovered from her Pneumonia.

Ken D.
Good Device

The lamp and remote seem to work well, however, it would be
better if...
- There were a countdown with visible and audible indicators before it turns on.
- Some test strips to be sure it's working.
- The specification of the UVC spectrum that is being used.
- An explanation of the effectiveness of direct, indirect/reflected radiation.
- The specification of the range that the remote can be used.