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2-PACK Quartz UVC 110V 25W E27/E26 Germicidal CFL Bulb , for Kill Musty /Mold, Covers up to 400sq.ft (Ozone-free CTUV-25)

2-PACK Quartz UVC 110V 25W E27/E26 Germicidal CFL Bulb , for Kill Musty /Mold, Covers up to 400sq.ft (Ozone-free CTUV-25)

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Two bulbs in one package

  • Brand Name: Coospider

    Average Life (hrs): 8000 Certification: CCC
    Features: Compact Fluoresent Light UVC (without Ozone)
    Voltage: 110V     Wavelength:253.7nm
    Rectifier include: compact UV Light Rectifier include, Easy to use
    Compact bulb easy use: any E26 E27 base holder can apply for
    Eliminate mites kill mites: Eliminate dog mites Deodorant
    Package include: Only lamp,Without holder
  • Strong UV intensity: 810 μW/cm2 at the distance of 10inch, as shown on the picture.
  •  Functions:
    1. Kill dust mites for mattress, bed, sofa, blanket, pillow, clothes, towel
    2. Kill bacteria, viruses, germ: such as mould, flu, virus, fungus, canine parvovirus, E.coli, etc.
    3. Clean air: Remove the bad odors which in trash can, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, warehouse, etc.
  • How To Use:

    - Goods Surface Sterilization: 5 minutes.
    (put goods within 1 meter of the light, such as Cups, bottles, toothbrushes, Shaver, cell phone, keyboards, clothes...)
    - Small space disinfection: 5 minutes
    (Less than 4㎡, such as Shoe cabinet, toy box, wardrobe, dressing room, storage room...)
    - Room disinfection: 15-60 minutes
    (such as Kitchen, bedroom, drawing room...)
  • Cautions when using this UV-C lamp:

    1. U-V ray will hurt eyes and skin, please don’t look at the working bulb.
    2. People/pets/plants must leave the room when the lamp is working.
    3. Liquids such as perfumes and wines should be kept away from the UV light, as the powerful U-V rays may cause chemical metamorphism.
    4. Don't put brightly colored clothes toys under the light, as the strong oxidation of U-V ray may cause slight fading.
    5. If there are unmovable fish tanks or plants/painting in the room, you can cover them with a non-transparent newspaper or cloth to avoid the UVC rays.
    6. Keep the lamp out of the reach of children.
  • Large coverage area【1 YEAR WARRANTY 】Committed to providing the best service, if you have any question, please contact Customer Support, we will reply within 24 hours(excluding Sunday and holiday).
  • How to clean up a broken bulb  -
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    David Sliney

    2-PACK Quartz UVC 110V 25W E27/E26 Germicidal CFL Bulb , for Kill Musty /Mold, Covers up to 400sq.ft (Ozone-free CTUV-25)

    Edward Finch
    Seems to be working. Great customer service


    bulb did not last

    bought 3 bulbs. One blew after about 40 hours of use. The other 2 are still working. Can't seem to figure out how to report the phone number that I can find. Hope someone responds to replace the faulty bulb.

    Sorry for the defective one. Sometimes, the bulb will be damaged in transit. We will send a new one to you asap.

    Quartz UVC 110V 25W E27/E26 Germicidal CFL Bulb

    Item well packaged, shipped and arrived fast. This UVC light bulb is one of the best in the market. So far, I have bought 2 and will buy again.